Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my new website

My new website:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I am giving background music in VEENA for the Annual day celebrations of Bharathanatyam school at Subrahmanya on 9.05.2009..Time 6 pm

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Veena concert

Veena Concert at : Pandy Samoha Madom, Thrissur on 27.03.2009. 7 pm to 8 pm.

Mridangam : Sri K.Jayakrishnan, A.I.R.Thrissur
ghatam : Sri Srijith, Thrissur.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Programme on 3rd december 2008.

Veena Classical & Fusion concert:

3rd December 2008 at NMAMIT, Nitte, Karkala, Karnataka.

Veena : Manipal Aruna Kumari
Mridangam : Sri Kumaraswamy, Mysore
Ghatam : Sri Trichy Kumar, AIR, Mangalore
Tabla : Sri Bharavi Deraje, Surathkal
Morsing : Sri Balakrishna H, Puttur
Rhythm Pad : Sri Shankar Bhat V.S., Manipal

Time: 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My CD -'ARADHANA' containing 18 SAI BHAJANS,

on Veena and other Instruments Released

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New article in Uhooroo.com

Todays News in Uhooroo : Who's Hot on Uhooroo!

Classical Instrumental

Aruna Kumari (Aka: Aruna): A true inspiration for upcoming musicians.

Visit: http://www.uhooroo.com/aruna

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hi, welcome to my blog..

"Veena vadhana tathvangna Shruti, Jathi, Visartha
talanjaaprayasena moksha margam niyachathi"
Salvation or liberation can be attained effortlessly by playing veena with Sruti and talam.

Darshana sparshane chasya bhoga swargapavargade |
Punito viprahatyadi patakaih patitam janam ||
Danda sambhuruma tantri kakubhah kamalapatih |
Indra patrika brahma tumbam nabhih saraswati ||
Dorako vasukirjiva sudhamsuh sarika ravih |
Sarvadevamayi tasmad veeneyam sarvamangala ||


By seeing and touching the veena one attains liberation. It purifies the sinner, who is guilty of killing a Brahmin. The danda made of wood or Bamboo is Siva, strings Devi Uma, shoulder Vishnu, bridge Lakshmi, gourd Brahma, navel Sarasvati, connecting wires Vasuki, the jiva is the moon, the pegs are the sun.

The veena thus represents all the Gods and Goddesses.

I had retinal detachment of my eyes at the age of 7.. Due to the constant support of my parents, Prof V.Shama Bhat and Mrs.Himavathi S.Bhat, i pursued my studies in Veena, Vocal and Violin........

Unfortunately, My dear Mother expired on 29th May 2007, which was a blow to me.
It was she who gave me constant guidance, support, took me a long way to Thrissur where I had the privilege to study under the Great Vainika Sri.A.ANANTHAPADMANABHAN.... I was awarded the District Rajyothsava award 2007 and the prestigious MAHILA SHIROMANI AWARD 2008 by International Integrity Peace & friendship Society.

Today I have won many awards & recognitions,inspite of my blindness & nervous weakness, which I dedicate it to my MOTHER,, FATHER & my GURUS.


1.Ministry of Human Resources and Development, New Delhi for two years for superspeciality training under internationally famous Vainika Sri. A.Ananthapadmanabhan, AIR, Thrissur.

2. Ubhaya Gana Vidushi Miss Shyamala G.Bhave, Bangalore, for two years.

3. Blind Association, Dakshina Kannada, for two years.

Some of my awards & recognitions include:

1.Sangeetha Nrithya Academy, Bangalore in 1988.

2.Dhanammal Prize for Veena by Madras Music Academy in 1990.

3. Neelam Khurshid Kanga Award for the outstanding blind lady in 1988.

4. Karnataka Rajyothsava District award for Veena excellence in 2007.

5. INDIRA GANDHI MAHILA SHIROMANI AWARD 2008 by International Integrity Peace & Friendship Society, on 8.03.2008 at Bangalore.

6. Many awards & recognitions from Lions, Lioness, Rotary, Rotaract clubs and other such organisations.

To Popularize the ancient sacred VEENA in the World, teaching to interested students, giving programmes ...

Me and my Team are giving Classical Veena Concerts as well as Veena Fusion Concerts.

Our Musical Team is called "SHIVA SHAKTHI".

For conducting Carnatic Classical or Veena Fusion Music contact my brother, Sri.Shankar Bhat at 9449282836, or to my e-mail at:
aruna.veena@yahoo.com or